Synchronize configuration files

To apply the latest configuration changes made to the DITA CMS, users must synchronize the configuration files.

The workstation must be connected to a server and a docbase.

Each time a DITA CMS user connects to a server and a docbase, their individual configuration files are synchronized with the master configuration files located in the docbase's repository. However, if an administrator makes changes to the DITA CMS configuration while users are connected to the docbase, users who want to work with the most up-to-date settings must synchronize their configuration manually.

To synchronize the configuration files for a workstation:

From the DITA CMS menu bar, select DITA CMS > Synchronize Configuration.
Your local configuration files are synchronized with those in the docbase's repository.
Figure 1. Synchronizing configuration

Tip: You can also synchronize by clicking the toolbar Synchronize Configuration button Sync system files or by restarting DITA CMS.