Create a new map template

Map templates allow DITA CMS users to produce documents with a consistent structure and appearance, without duplication of effort. You can set up map templates with (for example) the company's standard cover, legal notices, and frontmatter, to which members of the documentation team can add content.

To create a map template:

  1. Create a map with the required cover and frontmatter, plus any other content that will be common to all documents based on this template.
    Tip: If using an existing map as your starting point, clone it first and rename it (for example, ProductATemplate).
    Do not include topics or images that can vary from document to document, because if these or their dependent images are deleted, maps created with the template will have errors.
  2. Open and lock the map in the DITA Map view.
  3. Right-click the map and select Open With > Text Editor.
    The XML content of the map opens in the DITA CMS workspace.
  4. Select File > Export from the DITA CMS menu.
    The Select window appears:
    Figure 1. Exporting a map

  5. Select General > File System and click Next.
  6. In the File system dialog box, browse to your desktop and click Finish.
    The file is saved and given a system name (typically a numerical string) and the suffix ditamap.
  7. From the TEXTML Administration perspective, connect to the docbase and navigate to /system/templates/maps.
  8. Right-click the maps collection and select Insert Documents.
    The Import Dialog window appears.
  9. Click Add File and browse to your desktop.
    1. Select the file.
    2. Right-click the file and rename it (for example, ProductATemplate.ditamap); press Enter.
    3. Click Open.
    The file path and name appear under Import As.
    Figure 2. Importing a map

  10. Click OK.
    The file is imported into the /templates/maps collection. The new template will be available to DITA CMS users the next time they log in, or once they synchronize their system configuration.