Configure the Output Generator

The basic Output Generator installation provides five default transformation scenarios. You need to customize the Output Generator if you want to:
  • Generate your documents in a format other than PDF, Eclipse Help, HTML, and HTML help
  • Use a different version of the Open Toolkit
  • Generate your documents in PDF format using a rendering engine such as Antenna House Formatter or RenderX
  • Customize the look of the output
  • Allow users to specify parameters when generating their output (for example, to specify the status of a document, use a different cover page, etc.)
The following sections provide the procedures to extend the default Output Generator to:
  • Create a new transformation scenario, including:
    • Add a new output type
    • Add a preprocessor
    • Add targets to conductor files
  • Add a plug-in to the Open Toolkit
  • Generate output using another version of the Open Toolkit
  • Use another rendering engine
  • Add user-defined fields to the Output Generator
  • Allow users to specify conditions when generating output
  • Configure the colors for the redline preprocessor
  • Add a new DTD to the Output Generator
Upcoming releases of this document will include the following scenarios:
  • Using the branding feature
  • Add a Java library to the output
  • Use the custom properties in the temporary Output Generator files to determine PDF cover pages
  • Disable a default output type
Note: Please submit requests for configuration scenarios to