Add a new DTD to the Output Generator

You may need to add a new DTD to the Output Generator, for example if you have created a specialization

In the DITA CMS, you need to add DTDs in two locations:
  • In the system folder of the DITA CMS Eclipse Client: These DTDs are used by the DITA CMS to validate the DITA documents when authoring and reviewing documents. They are stored in the docbase repository, under system/dtd/ixia. See "Add a DTD for custom document objects" in the DITA CMS System Administrator's Guide for more information.
  • In the Output Generator: These DTDs are used by the Output Generator when transforming the DITA content using the DITA Open Toolkit. They are stored in a plug-in (in the %OutputGenDir%/data/%OT_Dir%/plugins/ directory).
To add a new DTD to the Output Generator:
  1. Create the plug-in that contains your DTD.
    Note: This procedure assumes that the plug-in was created using the procedure in the DITA Open Toolkit documentation. See the DITA Open Toolkit User Guide for more information about creating plug-ins. See the OASIS DITA Standard for more information on creating DITA-compliant DTDs.

    You can also use the IXIASOFT DTD plug-in as a template for creating your own DTD plug-in. See for more information.

  2. Add the plug-in to the %OutputGenDir%/data/%OT_Dir%/plugins/ directory.
  3. In the %OutputGenDir%/data/%OT_Dir%/ directory, double-click startcmd.bat (Windows) or run (Linux).
  4. At the command prompt, enter:
    ant -f integrator.xml
    The integration build runs and you should soon see BUILD SUCCESSFUL.
    Note: If a message similar to the following is displayed, you can safely ignore it:
    Unable to locate tools.jar. Expected to find it in C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\lib\tools.jar
  5. Close the command window.
  6. Restart the Output Generator service.

About the com.ixiasoft.dita plug-in

The IXIASOFT DTDs for the Output Generator are stored in the com.ixiasoft.dita plug-in, which contains the following files and directory:
Table 1. com.ixiasoft.dita plug-in
File or directory Description
/dtd Contains the custom DTDs.
catalog-ant-dita.xml Standard DITA catalog.
catalog-ant-ixia.xml Defines the public IDs for the custom DTDs. The public IDs are specified as absolute paths, using Ant variables.
catalog-dita-ixia.xml Defines the public IDs for the custom DTDs. The public IDs are specified as paths relative to the catalog-dita-ixia.xml file.
plugin.xml Standard plug-in file.