Working with the DITA Open Toolkit

The DITA CMS integrates the DITA Open Toolkit with the Output Generator to execute its transformation scenarios.

While the Output Generator includes two versions of the DITA Open Toolkit (1.5.4 and 1.6.2), it can only work with one version at a time. The DITA Open Toolkit that is integrated in the Output Generator is a copy of the DITA Open Toolkit 1.6.2 ("full easy install") package available from the DITA Open Toolkit Sourceforge website, with the following differences:
  • It includes the following IXIASOFT plug-ins:
    • com.ixiasoft.dita: Includes the IXIASOFT DITA DTD specializations
    • com.ixiasoft.images: Handles the .image file extension for the DITA CMS images
    • Handles the DITA CMS PDF-based review process (works with the 1.6.2 DITA Open Toolkit only)
  • It integrates the following plug-ins:
    • org.mathml2: Handles the conversion of MathML images
    • xmetal_dtd: Provides functionality required by the XMetaL Editor
  • The %OutputGenDir%/data/%OT_Dir%/plug-ins/org.dita.pdf2/build_template.xml file was updated to replace the xml.catalog.files Ant property with a full path to the catalogs.
    Note: This change was necessary because Ant properties are static and global, and any change (such as setting a new customization directory) is not taken into account until the Java VM is restarted. Since the DITA Open Toolkit is executed within the Output Generator Java VM, using the xml.catalog.files Ant property prevented the use of multiple customizations with the PDF2 output type.

For the list of modifications to the DITA Open Toolkit, see the %OutputGenDir%/data/_DITA-OT_readme.txt file.

DITA Open Toolkit documentation

Documentation is available with the Open Toolkit, at the following location:
For example: