Upgrade steps

To upgrade and use the DITA CMS 4.1, you need to:

  1. Upgrade your Content Store for DITA CMS 4.1 as described in Upgrading your Content Store.
  2. Update your DITA CMS Eclipse Client to 4.1 as described in Installing the DITA CMS 4.1 Eclipse Client.
    Note: You can update your existing client installation. You do not need to install a new client.
  3. Upgrade/update the DITA CMS components as follows:
    Component Procedure
    Output Generator Upgrade your existing Output Generator as described in Upgrade your Output Generator installation.
    Web Collaborative Reviewer Update your existing WCR installation as described in Update the WCR application.
    Scheduler Update your existing Scheduler installation as described in Installing and configuring the Scheduler.
    Web Author Update your existing Web Author installation as described in Upgrading your Web Author installation.