Add a server to the Administration Console

To manage a TEXTML Server instance, you add it to the Administration Console.

Each server entity in the TEXTML Server Administration Console represents a TEXTML Server instance. While more than one TEXTML Server instance may share the same physical server, each instance will have its own server entity and be identified by its own unique port number.

To add a server:

  1. Open the TEXTML Server Administration Console.
  2. Click the Add Server icon: Add server icon.
    The Add Server dialog appears.
    Figure 1. Adding a server

  3. Beside Server, enter the name of the server where you installed the TEXTML Server component.
  4. Beside Port, enter the port number for the TEXTML Server instance.
    The default port number is 2500. Each TEXTML Server instance installed on the same server must have a unique port number.
  5. Leave the Use Secure Connection unchecked.
  6. Click OK.
The server appears in the TEXTML Administration pane.