Search within a sub-tree

You can limit your search to topics within a specific sub-tree of a map.

The criteria you can use may include topic Title, Author, or ID, although the exact set of criteria that appears may vary according to your configuration.

Unlike Advanced Search, you won't need to enter topic IDs or author names to search for them. Instead, the Search within a sub-tree procedure offers you lists of information extracted from the current map.
Note: The map must be open in either the DITA Map view or the DITA Map Editor.
  1. Right-click the parent topic of the sub-tree and select Search within a sub-tree from the menu.
    The Selection Builder dialog appears.

  2. Select the Index you want to use to perform the search.
  3. Select the Value that you want to search for.
    The information in the Value list is extracted from the topics of the current map.
    If you select the ID index, then the Value selection list shows the IDs of all the topics in the current map.
  4. Use Add Row to further refine search criteria.
    The Clear button removes all rows of search criteria.
The topics that fulfill your search criteria are highlighted within the current sub-tree.