Geographically dispersed deployments

Geographically dispersed installations require special attention. Normally, you set up a primary system, where most of the action is happening, and you set up peripheral sites, where fewer people interact with the system.

Primary site

For the main system, use the same sizing requirements as stated above. However, if replication is used, increase the free disk space for the TEXTML Server by 25% to keep the user operation logs for the replication activity.

Peripheral sites

For the peripheral sites, the requirements depend on the number of CMS users and subject matter experts/reviewers using the system. Usually, one peripheral machine is needed per site. This machine is sized using the same TEXTML Server requirements as the primary, since it will be a local replicated TEXTML Server.

CPU and memory requirements could be reduced but should still have, at a minimum:


Minimum 16 GB of memory, up to the size of the Content Store.


4-core CPU for 25 users


Scaled down according to the number of users. Minimally, you need a dedicated block device with about 350 IOPS, and enough disk space to accommodate the Content Store size. If the ideal memory size is reached, the I/O requirements can also be decreased.