Download the Web Author package

The files required to install the Web Author are packaged in a zip file provided by IXIASOFT.

To download the Web Author package:
  1. Go to the IXIASOFT Web Author download page:

  2. Click the DITA CMS version; for example, 4.1.
  3. Click the latest build available for the DITA CMS; for example, 4.1.5.
  4. Select WebAuthor-<version>.zip, where <version> is the latest version of the Web Author (for example,
  5. Extract the zip file.
This package contains three directories, as follows:
  • contentstore: Contains configuration that must be imported in the DITA CMS content store.
  • glassfish: Contains files used during the installation of the GlassFish Server and the CMS Application Server.
  • webauthor: Contains files used during the installation of the Tomcat Server and the Web Author Application.
You will need these files when installing and configuring the Web Author.