Deploy the Web Author Application

To deploy the Web Author Application in Tomcat:

  1. Start the Tomcat service.
    When it starts, Tomcat deploys the Web Author application and the %TomcatDir%/webapps directory now contains the webauthor directory.
  2. To confirm that the Web Author application was deployed, check that the following directory exists:
    Important: If this is not the first time that you deploy the Web Author Application and it does not seem to deploy properly:
    1. Stop the Tomcat service.
    2. Delete the %TomcatDir%/webapps/webauthor/ directory.
    3. Restart this procedure at step 1.
  3. Open the Web Author log files to determine if the installation was successful. The Web Author logs are stored in the following location:
    If the Web Author installation is successful, the Web Author logs should contain the following message:
    13:43:05,530  INFO EJBRemote:105 - Performing initial handshake with CMS app server.
    13:43:08,094 DEBUG EJBRemote:141 - CMSAppServer version is correct.
    13:28:57,094  INFO EJBRemote:142 -  Handshake succeeded