Apply build-specific configuration updates

When a new Web Author build is released, it sometimes requires changes to the configuration, especially when new features are added.

The following table lists the configuration updates currently available:
Table 1. Configuration updates
Build Number Configuration updates to apply
  • Upgrade to JDK 7
  • Add "Create topic" configuration
  • Add "Change status" configuration
  • Upgrade the DTDs to the new 4.0 model
  1. Determine your current build number as follows:
    1. Open the TomcatDir/webapps/webauthor/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file with a text editor.
    2. Look for the value of the Implementation-Version field. It contains the build number.
      For example:
      This indicates that you are running version of the Web Author.
  2. Apply all the configuration changes for the builds that were released after your current build version.
    For example, if you're at version of the Web Author and you're upgrading to version, then you need to apply the following procedures:
    • Build Upgrade to JDK 7
    • Build Add "Create topic" configuration
    • Build Add "Change status" configuration
    • Build Upgrade the DTDs to the new 4.0 model