Upgrade the CMS Application Server

To update the CMS Application Server, you upload the glassfish/cmsappserver.ear file and deploy it again.

  1. In a browser window, enter the following URL:

    Where <glassfishserver> is the address of the machine where the GlassFish Server is installed.

    The Oracle GlassFish Server Administration Console login page is displayed.

  2. Enter the User Name and Password specified when you installed GlassFish (for example, admin and admin).
  3. Click Login.
    The GlassFish Server Administration Console is displayed:
    GlassFish Admin Console
  4. In the Common Tasks panel, select Applications.
    The Applications window is displayed.
  5. Click the Redeploy action for the cmsappserver application.
    The Redeploy Applications or Modules window is displayed.
  6. Click Choose File, browse to the directory where you saved the glassfish/cmsappserver.ear file provided by IXIASOFT, and click Open.
    The Deploy Applications or Modules window is displayed again.
  7. Keep all options as is, as shown below, and click OK.
    Before you deploy an application
The CMS Application Server is upgraded and enabled, as shown in the following diagram:
CMS Application Server Deployed