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Build 4.2.34

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Build 4.2.30

Build 4.2.29 updates

DITA CMS 4.2 updates

  • The new simplified user interface (UI) feature allows you to simplify the user interface by customizing the layout both when the DITA CMS starts up and in the various DITA CMS perspectives. See Simplifying the interface of the DITA CMS Eclipse Client.
  • The location-based groups feature is a grouping capability that lets you define locations within the groups. Adding locations to the groups allows users to gain access to various DITA CMS features according to their location. See Location-based groups.
  • The Scheduler and Web Collaborative Reviewer components are now documented in the following guides:
    • Scheduler Installation Guide
    • Web Collaborative Reviewer Installation Guide
    See the DITA CMS 4.2 documentation page for these documents.
  • The topworkload attribute in the roles.xml file is now documented. See Configure roles by editing roles.xml.
  • Added the procedure to Start the DITA CMS in debug mode.