Deploy the package

To deploy the package:
  • Simply unzip it on the machines (user workstations and servers) in your deployment, as follows:
    • Unzip the CMS administrator package on all CMS administrator workstations/servers
    • Unzip the regular user package on all other workstations/servers
    Note: If you are using update sites to deliver the plug-ins, make sure that you unzip the package to a directory where users have write permissions. This is necessary because Eclipse updates its installation files upon start-up. If users do not have write access to the Eclipse directories, they will not be able to run the DITA CMS.
  • Create a shortcut to the DITA CMS. For user on workstations, this shortcut will point to the eclipse executable in the packaging directory. For the remote access solution, this shortcut will point to the DITA CMS startup batch file.

What's next?

The next step is to tell your users how to start the DITA CMS. IXIASOFT has created two template documents that you can adapt and give to your users. You must update the templates to specify the details of your deployment; for example:
  • The location of the user workspace
    Note: When starting Eclipse, users must specify a workspace. It is preferable to use a local workspace; you can use network workspaces, but performance issues may arise.
  • The TEXTML Server hostname, port number, and Content Store that users connect to
  • The Output Generator hostname and port number
The templates are the following: See each template for instructions on how to update the documents before distributing them to your users.