This section describes issues that may occur when deploying the Eclipse package and starting the DITA CMS for the first time.

Illegal Key Size error

If the following error is generated when a user first tries to log in to the DITA CMS using Kerberos authentication: Key Size

Then the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files is required and not installed on the client. To solve this issue, see the Java Download site for more information (

Users cannot install software using Eclipse plug-ins

If you are using update sites to deliver the plug-ins, make sure that you unzip the package to a directory where users have write permissions. This is necessary because Eclipse updates its installation files upon start-up. If users do not have write access to the Eclipse directories, they will not be able to install the plug-ins.

Eclipse behaves erratically

If a user complains that the Eclipse client behaves erratically, this may indicate that the workspace is corrupted. Ask your users to create a new workspace; if it solves the problem, this confirms that the user workspace is corrupted.

To create a new workspace:
  1. From the Eclipse menu, select File > Switch Workspace. > Other...
  2. Enter a new workspace.
If creating a new workspace solves the problem:
  1. Delete the old (corrupted) workspace.
    Note: If the workspace contained locked files—which store changes made to a topic and not yet committed to the server—they will be lost if you delete the workspace. To keep these changes, please contact IXIASOFT Support before deleting the workspace. Note that if you decide to delete the workspace without keeping the changes, when users open the DITA CMS in the new workspace, these locked topics will be displayed in purple. Users must revert these topics to the server version by selecting the topics, right-clicking, and choosing Replace with Server Revision.
  2. Rename the new (working) workspace to the old workspace's name.

    Keeping the original name ensures that batch files (to start the DITA CMS or to update plug-ins) will continue to work properly.

  3. Ask your users to reconfigure their workspace using the "Configure your workspace" section in the template documents.
  4. If you are using update sites, users also need to reimport their bookmarks. They do not need to reinstall the plug-ins.