About the Offline Perspective

The Offline Perspective offers a restricted set of DITA CMS functionalities.

Whenever you're working in DITA CMS, the topics you lock are copied onto your hard drive, where you edit and save them locally. After you've finished working, you release them, and they are copied back to the repository.

Working offline lets you continue working when you don't have access to the repository - on an airline flight, for example - and only release your files back to the server once you're connected back to the network.

The Offline Perspective contains the following:
  • The editor area is where your topics open, just as they do in the DITA Perspective. You can use any editor that's installed on your machine and configured for use with Eclipse.
  • The Offline Documents view lists the topics you locked before you went offline. You can open and work with these in your editor of choice. You'll be able to copy their IDs and use them for making cross-references and related-links.
  • The Images view displays thumbnails of all the images in the repository. You'll be able to copy their file names and IDs to use with the <image> tag, or for making cross-references and related links. You won't, however, be able to modify them in any way.
    There are two display modes:
    • Small thumbnails - displays the image thumbnail as well as its system ID.
    • Details - in addition to the thumbnail and ID, displays the image's CMS title, status, type (Line art, for example), and all the text from the image's Description field. You'll be able to filter the images that are displayed using any of this information.
Note: Image thumbnails must be synchronized in order for them to appear in the Offline Perspective.