New in this documentation release

Build 4.2.45

  • Changes have been made to the Branch and Clone features. Branched objects will now contain the same ID as their source objects. Clone objects must now contain unique IDs so the option Use same ID has been removed form the Clone dialog box, see Clone a map, topic, or image.
  • Since the Visible checkbox on the Message dialog box had no effect, it has been removed from the interface. Therefore, two topics related to that feature have been removed from the Bulletin Board section, see Use the Bulletin Board.
  • Small change in the .zip file when preparing a localization kit for sequential localization, see Prepare the localization kit.
  • You can now open a ditaval in a read-only mode in the XML editor area, see View a ditaval file.

Build 4.2.38

  • Added a new topic about how to log in to the DITA CMS Eclipse client with preconfigured settings, see Log in to DITA CMS from Eclipse clients with preconfigured settings.
  • Added a topic for the Copy Element ID feature, which allows you to copy the ID of an element from a topic in the Referable-Content view. For more information, see Copy the element ID.
  • Updated the instructions for inserting variables or external links into a topic from a map to reflect the enhancements made to the Insert Variable dialog box. Variables are organized by the map in which they are defined and they can also be filtered by name or value. See Inserting a keyword or external link from keys defined in the map.
  • In the Assignments dialog box, deactivated users no longer appear in the Assignee pane unless they are still assigned to a document. for more information on assigning documents to users, see Assign documents to users.
  • The labels for DITA CMS > Label Configuration in the main menu, the Manage Label Configuration button on the main toolbar, and the Manage Label Configuration dialog box have all been changed to Configure Labels, see topics in Document labels.

Build 4.2.34

Build 4.2.33 updates

Build 4.2.31 updates

Build 4.2.30 updates

Build 4.2.29 update

Build 4.2.28 updates

DITA CMS 4.2 updates