About this document

This document describes how to install the Web Author.


If you are upgrading an existing installation of the Web Author:
  • See the Upgrading the DITA CMS to 4.2 document if you are upgrading from a previous major version of the Web Author (i.e., 3.4, 4.0, or 4.1).
  • See the Web Author Administrator's Guide if you are updating from a minor version of the Web Author (i.e, 4.2.x).
Installing the Web Author requires that you add the following two components to an existing DITA CMS installation:
  • Web Author Application: The Web Author Application is a web application that allows content contributors and reviewers to easily edit and review DITA documents. It is a Tomcat application that supplies the graphical user interface to the Web Author Client. It connects to the CMS Application Server to provide the requested documents to the client.
  • CMS Application Server: The CMS Application Server provides the business logic and cache for DITA CMS applications, such as the Web Author Application. It handles the requests to the TEXTML Server and Output Generator. The CMS Application Server is based on the GlassFish application server technology.
The following diagram shows how the Web Author interacts with other DITA CMS components. Note that the diagram shows default port numbers; they may be different in your deployment.
Web Author installation components
Note: The Web Author Application and CMS Application Server components can be installed on the same machine or on two different machines. Also, more than one Web Author Application can be installed and running on the same CMS Application Server.