Create a service user in the DITA CMS

When it starts, the Web Author Application logs in to the DITA CMS to retrieve files required to run the Web Author (for example, the online help).

You need to create in the DITA CMS a username that can access the DITA CMS. IXIASOFT recommends that you use the service user dedicated to the DITA CMS components (for example, CMSServiceUser).

Note: If you plan to run multiple instances of the Web Author Application, you should create a separate user for each instance to avoid accidental timeouts of your administration sessions.

To add a Web Author user to the DITA CMS:

  1. Start the DITA CMS and open the TEXTML Administration perspective.
  2. Connect to your server and docbase.
  3. Right-click the docbase and select DITA CMS Admin > Manage Users.
  4. Click the Lock button (lock manager icon).
  5. In the Users list, right-click the location node where you want to define the new user and select New User.
    A blank user entry appears below the selected node, and various user configuration panes appear.
  6. In the User Personal Information pane:
    1. Click Active.
    2. Enter Web Author user in the First name field.
  7. In the User Connection Information panel, enter the following information:
    Option Description
    Domain Enter the domain for this user (for example, acme)
    User name Enter the username for the Web Author application; IXIASOFT recommends that you use CMSServiceUser, but you can enter any name
    Email address Enter an email address for this user (for example,
    The panels should look as follows:
    Note: Make sure to select Active.
    Add a user
  8. Click Check In Document (check in manager icon).
    Your new user appears in the Users list.