New in this documentation release

Release 4.2

DITA CMS 4.2 introduces the following changes in the configuration files:
  • The configuration file was moved from the %TomcatDir%/conf/webAuthor/ directory to the Content Store (/system/cms.webauthor/configuration collection).
  • Part of the %TomcatDir%/conf/webAuthor/webconfig.xml file was moved to the Content Store (/system/cms.webauthor/configuration collection), in a file called The only information that remains in the webconfig.xml file is the info that the Web Author requires to connect to the Application Server.
  • A new configuration file,, was added to the Content Store (/system/cms.webauthor/configuration collection). This file is a DITA document that lets you configure the introduction page displayed when users log in to the Web Author.
The procedures in this document have been updated accordingly.

Release 4.1


Updated the Requirements for clarity.


First release of this document for DITA CMS 4.0. Includes minor version updates.