Deploy the Web Author Application

To deploy the Web Author Application in Tomcat:

  1. Start the Tomcat service.
    When it starts, Tomcat deploys the Web Author application and the %TomcatDir%/webapps directory now contains the webauthor directory.
  2. To confirm that the Web Author application was deployed, check that the following directory exists:
    Important: If this is not the first time that you deploy the Web Author Application and it does not seem to deploy properly:
    1. Stop the Tomcat service.
    2. Delete the %TomcatDir%/webapps/webauthor/ directory.
    3. Restart this procedure at step 1.
  3. Open the Web Author log files to determine if the installation was successful. The Web Author logs are stored in the following location:
    If the Web Author installation is successful, the Web Author logs should contain messages similar to the following (important ones are in bold):
    09:30:23,691  INFO EJBRemote:112 - Performing initial handshake with CMS app server.
    09:30:27,189 DEBUG EJBRemote:148 - CMSAppServer version is correct.
    09:30:27,189  INFO EJBRemote:149 - Handshake succeeded.
    09:30:27,189 DEBUG CMSWebAuthorApplication:191 - Creating admin connection to app server.
    09:30:27,205 DEBUG AdminAppServerConnection:48 - Logging in as ixiasoft/mtest on app server.
    09:30:27,205  INFO AdminAppServerConnection:55 - Creating 'webauthor' administrator login for web application on localhost[3700].
    09:30:27,205 DEBUG AdminAppServerConnection:57 - Initiating ejb remote connection
    09:30:27,205 DEBUG AdminAppServerConnection:70 - Calling ejb login method
    09:30:27,391 DEBUG AdminAppServerConnection:80 - Login succeeded.
    09:30:27,391 DEBUG CMSWebAuthorApplication:204 - Getting CMS mode from server
    09:30:27,422 DEBUG CMSWebAuthorApplication:208 - Loading general configuration
    09:30:27,531 DEBUG SystemDocumentManager:109 - System doc cached: CMSPath [mFullPath=/system/cms.webauthor/configuration/]
    09:30:27,531 DEBUG CMSWebAuthorApplication:212 - Loading help snippets
    09:30:27,531 DEBUG HelpManager:32 - Loading help
    09:30:27,547 DEBUG HelpManager:33 - Using admin connection with session ID: web-client/ixiasoft@mtest [Oct 29, 2015 9:30:27 AM]
    09:30:28,697 DEBUG HelpManager:71 - Loaded 11 help snippets.
    09:30:28,697 DEBUG CMSWebAuthorApplication:224 - Initializing oxygen license manager.
    09:30:28,697 DEBUG OxygenLicenseManager:38 - Initializing Oxygen license
    09:30:28,697 DEBUG OxygenLicenseManager:120 - Loading Oxygen license file from docbase.
    09:30:28,805 DEBUG OxygenLicenseManager:41 - License key: ------START-LICENSE-KEY------||Registration_Name=IXIASOFT||Company=IXIASOFT||Category=Professional-Site||Component=Author-Component||Version=14||Number_of_Licenses=1||Date=05-09-2013||Maintenance=0||SGN=MCwCFBaXSgJP6XyzBm/Ve8Woqm3SzKVEAhRNxifc5gqEjJeAWx6BgTtj/hR2Mg\=\=||-------END-LICENSE-KEY-------
    09:30:28,805 DEBUG CMSWebAuthorApplication:233 - Preloading frameworks files.
    09:30:29,085 DEBUG SystemDocumentManager:109 - System doc cached: CMSPath [mFullPath=/system/cms.webauthor/frameworks/]
    09:30:29,116 DEBUG SystemDocumentManager:109 - System doc cached: CMSPath [mFullPath=/system/cms.webauthor/frameworks/]
    09:30:29,116 DEBUG CMSWebAuthorApplication:415 - Loading webauthor roles configuration file /system/cms.webauthor/configuration/
    09:30:29,147 DEBUG SystemDocumentManager:109 - System doc cached: CMSPath [mFullPath=/system/cms.webauthor/configuration/]
    09:30:29,147  INFO CMSWebAuthorApplication:429 - preload complete
    09:30:29,147 DEBUG CMSWebAuthorApplication:237 - Loading template definitions
    09:30:29,520 DEBUG CMSWebAuthorApplication:243 - Loading status change configuration.
    09:30:29,551 DEBUG SystemDocumentManager:109 - System doc cached: CMSPath [mFullPath=/system/cms.webauthor/configuration/statusChangeConfig.xml]
    09:30:29,551  INFO CMSWebAuthorApplication:528 - No status changes are configured. The status change feature will be disabled for all users.
    09:30:29,551 DEBUG CMSWebAuthorApplication:247 - Validating webauthor roles
    09:30:29,567 DEBUG CMSWebAuthorApplication:251 - Creating keyspace manager
    09:30:29,567 DEBUG CMSWebAuthorApplication:255 - Logging out admin session.
    09:30:29,614  INFO AdminAppServerConnection:94 - Logging out user with session ID web-client/ixiasoft@mtest [Oct 29, 2015 9:30:27 AM]
    09:30:29,629  INFO CMSWebAuthorApplication:258 - Initialization complete.