Configure the DITA CMS Lock method

You must configure the DITA CMS Lock method to include the Web Author API call for locking documents. This ensures that the Web Author locks documents appropriately in the DITA CMS.

  1. Start the DITA CMS and open the TEXTML Administration perspective.
  2. Connect to your server and docbase.
  3. Locate the accessrights.xml file in the repository's /system/conf collection.
  4. Right-click the accessrights.xml file and select Check out.
  5. Open accessrights.xml with a text editor.
  6. Locate the line that starts with the following string:
    <method name="Lock" type="front-end" hide-when-disabled="false" multiselect-disabled="false" use-specialization="false">
  7. After the type attribute, add the following attribute:
    For example:
    <method name="Lock" type="front-end" alt="LockDocumentsAction" hide-when-disabled="false" multiselect-disabled="false" use-specialization="false">
  8. Save, close, and check in the accessrights.xml file.