(Optional) Configure the roles in the Web Author Application

Depending on your DITA CMS configuration, you may need to configure the role names used in the Web Author.

Important: You only need to perform this procedure if you changed the default roles for your company. Otherwise, if you are using the Writer, Reviewer, and Contributor roles, you can skip this procedure.
By default, the following role names are used in the Web Author:
  • Writer
  • Contributor
  • Reviewer
If your configuration uses different names (for example, if the term "Author" is used in your DITA CMS instead of "Writer"):
  1. Open the TEXTML Administration view.
  2. Connect to your server and Content Store.
  3. Locate the web.author.roles.xml file in the repository's /system/cms.webauthor/configuration collection.
  4. Check out and open the web.author.roles.xml file.
    This file defines the toolbar and menus available based on roles.
  5. Make sure that the role names provided correspond to the roles configured for your company.
    For example, if the term "Author" is used in your DITA CMS instead of "Writer", look for the <role name="Writer" string in the file and change it to Author; for example:
    <role name="Author" css="dita.css" mode="FULL_TAGS" editable="true">
  6. Save, close,and check in the file.