Improvements in DITA CMS document assignments

Multiple improvements were made to the document assignments.

  • Assignments dialog updated - The Assignments dialog consists of two panes: The left pane displays all the roles that are configured for the types of documents you selected. The right pane displays your selected documents, grouped under the user roles that are responsible for them. The right pane also includes Set Due Date and Edit Comment options that allow you to easily add comments and set due dates to each document according to the user role. For example:
  • Additional options to view your documents in the Todo list - You now have additional options to group your documents in the Todo List. The new options are:
    • Status - lets you group documents according to the status of the document, such as Authoring:work or Authoring:review.
    • Object type - lets you group documents according to their type, for example, concept, topic, task, and so on.