Configure access to DITA CMS functions

Once you have created roles, groups, and users, you can configure access to DITA CMS functions.

DITA CMS content-management functions can be configured to be available to users associated with specific roles or groups. For example, the Lock function can be set up so that Graphic Artists and Authors have access to it when authoring images or topics.

To configure access to functions:

  1. Open the Access Manager window.
  2. Click the Lock button (lock manager icon).
    The accessrights.xml file is checked out for your exclusive use.
  3. In the Actions list, select the DITA CMS action you want to configure.
  4. Under Conditions, do one of the following:
    • To modify an existing condition, select the condition.
    • To create a new condition, right-click and select New Condition.
    Tip: Keep the number of conditions for any given action to a minimum, and make them as broad-based as possible. The more conditions you configure, the longer the configuration will take and the more adjustments you may have to make to your configuration in future.
  5. Under Status/Type, select all document types, cycles, and states that apply for the action.
    Tip: If you don't see the document type you want to configure, right-click and select New Type on > doctype, where "doctype" is the document type. To configure an action for all document types, select the asterisk (*).
  6. Under Roles and/or Groups, select all the users who will have access to the selected action.
    For example, in the screenshot below, the Assign to action will apply for all document objects in the Authoring cycle, and will be accessible to Author, Graphic Artist, and Information Architect users.
    Figure 1. Configuring access to the Assign to action

    Note: The Users list is used for IXIASOFT testing purposes only.
  7. Click Check In Document (check in manager icon).

    Your changes to accessrights.xml are updated in the repository.

  8. Inform users of the changes.
    The changes will be applied automatically once users close and then reopen their DITA CMS. Users can also apply the changes without restarting their DITA CMS by clicking DITA CMS > Synchronize Configuration.