Delete a doctype or condition in the Access Manager

You can delete a document type or a condition from the Access Manager.

To remove a document type or an entire condition from the Access Manager:
  1. Open the Access Manager window.
  2. Click Lock (lock manager icon).
    The Accessrights.xml file is checked out for your exclusive use.
  3. In the Actions list, select a DITA CMS action.
    The doctypes and conditions configured for that action appear.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • To delete a doctype, right-click the document type and select Delete Type.
    • To delete a condition, in the Conditions list, right-click the condition and select Delete Condition.
  5. Save your changes locally (CTRL+s).
  6. Click Check In Document: check in manager icon.
    Your changes to accessrights.xml are updated in the repository.
  7. Inform users of the changes.
    The changes will be applied automatically once users close and then reopen their DITA CMS. Users can also apply the changes without restarting their DITA CMS by clicking DITA CMS > Synchronize Configuration.