Add words to a custom dictionary

When you add words with the Dictionary Manager, they are added to the custom dictionary. The standard dictionaries are never modified.

To add a word to a custom dictionary:

  1. Open the Dictionary Manager.
  2. In the Dictionaries area, select the language for the word to add and click the Lock button (lock manager icon).
    The Lock button checks out the custom dictionary file for your exclusive use. The Vocabulary area lists all the words in the standard dictionary for that language.
  3. Right-click anywhere in the Dictionaries area and select Add New Word.
    The New Word dialog is displayed.
  4. Enter the word to add and click OK.
    One of the following messages is displayed:
    • Similar word to '<your_word>' detected in dictionary. Do you wish to add this word anyway?

      This message indicates that the dictionary contains a word that is very similar to the one you are adding (for example, ditaval and Ditaval) or that this word is already in the dictionary. Click OK to add the word or Cancel to enter another one.

    • Word '<your_word>' was successfully added to custom dictionary '<dictionary>'.

      The word was added. Click OK to continue.

  5. To add more words to the dictionary, repeat the procedure from Step 3.
  6. To commit your changes, click Check In Document (check in manager icon).
  7. Inform users of the changes and request that they close and reopen their DITA CMS to apply the changes.