Add users to groups

Users can be added to one or more groups in order to (for example) manage document assignments, create teams, or control user access to various tasks.

To add a user to one or more groups:

  1. Open the User Manager window.
  2. Select the user's name in the Users list.
    The Groups list displays all the groups that have been configured for your DITA CMS.
  3. Select all the groups to which the selected user belongs:
    Figure 1. Adding a user to groups

  4. Repeat from Step 2 to associate additional users with groups.
  5. Click Check In Document (check in manager icon).
    Your changes to users.xml are updated in the repository.
  6. Inform users of the changes.
    The changes will be applied automatically once users close and then reopen their DITA CMS. Users can also apply the changes without restarting their DITA CMS by clicking DITA CMS > Synchronize Configuration.