Location-based groups

The location-based groups feature is a grouping capability with a provision to define locations within the groups. Adding locations to the groups allows users to gain access to various DITA CMS features according to their location.

For example, user-A from ACME-London has access to both the content reviewer and system administrator groups. In ACME-Montreal, all the users have access to the localization functionality. When user-A switches office from ACME-London to ACME-Montreal, user-A's DITA CMS profile should reflect the new location. Thanks to the location-based groups feature, user-A at the ACME-Montreal location now gains additional access to the localization functionality without you having to change the access rights. User-A will still have access to the content reviewer and system administrator groups.
Note: You may want to automate updating users' locations in the DITA CMS, for example based on the LDAP information. This is outside the scope of this document.