Add a server to the TEXTML Administration view

To configure or customize the functionality and interfaces in the DITA CMS, you must connect to the TEXTML server.

If the TEXTML server that you need to access does not appear in the TEXTML Administration view, you need to add it to the view. Once it is added to the view, then you will be able to connect to it.

To add a server:

  1. Open the TEXTML Administration perspective by clicking the TEXTML Administration shortcut on the tool bar. If the shortcut is not displayed, follow these steps:
    1. Select Window > Open Perspective > Other
    2. Click TEXTML Administration.
    3. Click OK.
  2. In the TEXTML Administration view, click the Add Server icon: Add server icon.
    The Add Server dialog appears.
    Figure 1. Adding a server

  3. In the Server field, type the name of the server where you installed the TEXTML Server component.
  4. In the Port, type the port number for the TEXTML Server instance.
    The default port number is 2500 (or 2551 if you are using SSL). Each TEXTML Server instance installed on the same server must have a unique port number.
  5. If you use secure socket layer (SSL) encryption for communications, select the Use Secure Connection check box. Otherwise, clear the check box.
    Do not select the Use Secure Connection option unless you have previously set up security certificates and a private key. SSL port, certificate paths and other details are configured through the TextmlServerCfg.xml file.
    Note: the Version option indicates the TEXTML Server version.
  6. Click OK.
The server appears in the TEXTML Administration view.