Show views

DITA CMS perspectives are sets of views and menu options that are displayed together to give users convenient access to multiple related functions.

Views are specialized panes contained in a perspective. Although several other views are available when you open the Show View menu, most apply to other perspectives. The default views shown in the TEXTML Administration perspective are as follows:
  • TEXTML Administration: Displays the TEXTML Server entity, its Content Stores and file structure.
  • Properties: Displays the properties of the entity selected in the TEXTML Administration view.
  • Error Log: Displays error logs for commands that have been launched from within the perspective.
Note: For more information on the other views, see the DITA CMS User Guide.

To open a view:

  1. Open the TEXTML Administration perspective by clicking the TEXTML Administration shortcut on the tool bar. If the shortcut is not displayed, follow these steps:
    1. Select Window > Open Perspective > Other
    2. Click TEXTML Administration.
    3. Click OK.
  2. From the menu bar, select Window > Show View.
    The Show View dialog box opens.
  3. Click one of the default views available for the perspective. If you want to select one of the other views, click Other and then select a view from either the DITA CMS - General or TEXTML Server folders.
  4. Click OK.