View document assignments in the Todo List

You can view your document assignments in the Todo List. This view also shows you when your documents are due and the other people who are responsible for them.

The Todo List lets you limit your display to the documents that are at specific points on your Timeline. You can choose to show only the documents that are Active, or you can expand the display to include documents at other points.
Note: The Todo List does not refresh automatically. To refresh your list of assignments, click the blue Refresh button Refresh preview icon.
The Todo List also lets you group your documents in different ways so that you can, for example, quickly spot the documents that have the earliest due dates.
Note: If you are a project manager, your Todo List lets you view the document assignments of all the people who are members of the projects that you manage. This lets you keep tabs on how people are clearing their workloads, and perhaps do some strategic reassignment of critical documents.
  1. If necessary, show the Todo List.
    The Todo List is one of the DITA CMS views, available from the Windows menu.
  2. If you are a project manager, select the name of the person whose Todo List you want to see from the List of personnel.
    By default, the Todo List shows your own documents and their timelines. When you select another person's name you are, in effect, looking at their Todo List.
  3. Select the timelines of the documents you want to view.
    You can choose any combination of the following:
    • Incoming
    • Active
    • Retained
  4. Select the way you want to Group your documents.
    Your choices are:
    • None - simply shows you an alphabetical list of all the documents you are responsible for in any capacity.
    • Page - groups your assignments by page.
    • Role - groups your assignments according to the role you play in each: Editor or Author, for example. Role names are configurable and may vary.
    • Timeline - lets you group documents according to their position on your Timeline: Incoming or Active, for example.
    • Status - lets you group documents according to the status of the document. For example, Authoring:work or Authoring:review.
    • Due Date - groups documents by the date they are due.
    • Object type - lets you group documents according to their type. For example, concept or topic or task etc.
The Todo List displays the requested set of documents.