Reset text that was auto-translated

In some cases, text that has been auto-translated must be reviewed again by the localizers.

When auto-translation is enabled, the DITA CMS sets the translate="no" attribute on previously-translated elements when preparing the localization kit. This ensures that localizers do not translate text that has not changed since the previous translation.

However, there might be cases where you want your content to be reviewed again by the localizers, even if the content has not changed from the previous translation. This is done by running the linguistic review process, which removes the translate="no" attribute from auto-translated text.

The linguistic review process is executed when you run the Prepare Localization Kit command on localized maps that are in the Localization:review status.
  • This process requires specific configuration and works for the sequential and node-based localization methods only.
  • This process also assumes that auto-translation is enabled in your configuration and that content has already been translated at least once.

See your CMS Administrator to determine if this process is enabled in your deployment.

To reset text that was auto-translated:

  1. Change the status of the map and its topics to Localization:review
  2. Right-click the map and select Localization > Prepare Localization Kit.
    The DITA CMS generates the localization kit and removes the translate="no" attribute from pre-translated elements in the kit, according to the configuration.