Referencing other files

DITA CMS offers utilities that let you easily make links between documents. It also gives you the tools to keep track of these links.

This set of topics describes the various linking methods that the DITA specification offers, including:
  • How to make the various links between topics: cross-references (inline links), related links, and referable-content links (conrefs).
  • How to make these links between files in the Content Store, or files out on your hard drive or even with remote URLs.
  • How to use links to put graphics into a text document.
  • The utilities that you can use to make these links in a text editor, as well as the other tasks these utilities facilitate.
  • How to use the Dependencies view to visualize the relationships between the various documents – the topics and images that one topic refers to, for example, and the maps that reference that topic in return.