Revert to older revision

The Revert operation replaces the current version of an object with an earlier revision in the repository.


  • The object must not be locked.
  • The object must be in the work state (or its equivalent in your workflow).

You may want to revert to an older revision if you encountered an error or made changes in the wrong file. Revision numbers are managed by the system to ensure they are the same for all users.

This function is available from all DITA CMS views.

To revert to an older revision:

  1. Right-click the object and select History > Revision History... from the menu.
    The Revision History dialog displays the list of all revisions, with the latest at the top.
  2. Scroll to highlight the revision you want to revert to.
  3. Click Revert to.
    A new revision is created from the selected older version. If the version you reverted was revision 5, the new version is now revision 6. The new object has the older version's content, but its status will not be changed.