Create a transformation scenario

This section provides the procedures to create a transformation scenario.

When you create a new transformation scenario, you can create a new target from scratch or customize an existing target:

  • Creating a new target: You create the target and add it to your client conductor file (for example, conductor-acme.xml). You can use the client.FooBarwrapper target in the %OutputGenDir%/data/conductor-client.xml.orig file to create your target.

    If you want to use a single version of the DITA-OT, create a single conductor client file and add your target to it.

    To use 2 or more versions of the DITA-OT, create one conductor client file per version that you want to support. Each conductor file will define the DITA-OT to use. Add your target to the appropriate conductor file.

  • Customizing a target in the conductor-ot.xml or conductor-ixia.xml file as template: If you need to change the behavior of a target that is located in one of these files, do not modify the target directly. Instead, copy the target from the source conductor file to your client conductor file (for example, conductor-acme.xml), rename it, modify it in your conductor file, and change the preprocessor to point to your conductor file. This ensures that any updates to the Output Generator software will not overwrite your customization.