Specifying conditions

When generating the output, users can specify conditions using Ditaval files.

Ditaval files specify which values you want to conditionally process for a particular output, build, or other purpose. These values determine the content to include and exclude when generating output using the DITA-OT.

Ditaval files ensure that conditions are always applied consistently to generated output. Users can specify a Ditaval file in the Generate Output dialog. When a Ditaval file is specified, the Output Generator sends the files to transform along with the Ditaval file to the DITA Open Toolkit, which handles the filtering. The Output Generator does not apply any filtering to the files.

About the Conditions preprocessor

In previous releases of the DITA CMS, users could also specify conditions directly in the Generate Output dialog when the Conditions preprocessor was added to the preprocessor.xml file.

As of DITA CMS 4.x, the Conditions preprocessor is deprecated and will be removed completely in an upcoming release. If your transformation scenarios used the Conditions preprocessor, IXIASOFT strongly recommends that you remove then and use Ditaval files instead.