Deprecated properties

All 3.4 properties were renamed to follow a more consistent naming convention. The 3.4 property names are still supported but are deprecated and will be removed in an upcoming release.

The following table provides the deprecated properties and their corresponding names in 4.x.

Table 1. Deprecated properties
3.4 deprecated property 4.x property
build.log outgen.job.userparam.filename
collection outgen.job.source.collection
ditaval outgen.job.ditaval.filename
id.noextension No longer set by the Output Generator. To set this value, see
ot.dir outgen.ot.dir
ot.version outgen.ot.version
outputdir outgen.job.output.dir
path outgen.job.foldername
temp outgen.temp.dir
xsl-ixia Deprecated, with no corresponding property in 4.x. To access this value, use "${}/xsl-ixia".