Set global properties

The %OutputGenDir%/data/outgen-init-client.xml file defines global properties that are used by every DITA CMS conductor file.

This file is imported at the beginning of each DITA CMS conductor file. You can use the outgen-init-client.xml file to:
  • Set global properties that apply to all conductor files, such as the PDF engine used
  • Define global Ant taskdefs that can be used in any conductor file
  • Import global Ant targets that can be used in any conductor file, such as the DITA CMS commontargets-client.xml file.
To set global properties, to define tasks that can be used in any conductor file, or to import global targets, add them to the outgen-init-client.xml file.
Note: The outgen-init-client.xml file is a standard Ant file, so this procedure assumes that you have some knowledge in programming Ant scripts. For further background information on building Ant projects, see the Apache Ant site:
Important note about Ant properties

You can set Ant properties only once per transformation job. Once a property is set, most tasks will not allow its value to be modified, so be very careful when setting properties.