Create global Ant targets

You can create custom Ant targets and make them available globally to use them in all your conductor files.

This can be useful if you want to use custom targets in more than one target or conductor file. You create custom global Ant targets by adding your target code to the commontargets-client.xml file. Any target added to the commontargets-client.xml file is automatically loaded by the Output Generator when you execute a transformation scenario.

To create your custom global Ant targets:

  1. Open the %OutputGenDir%/data/commontargets-client.xml.orig file and save it as %OutputGenDir%/data/commontargets-client.xml.
  2. Edit the commontargets-client.xml file to add the common targets.
  3. Save the file.
If you need to create multiple custom commontarget files, you need to import these files into your commontargets-client.xml file.
For example, you may want to organize your targets according to output types and store them in different files, as shown below:
To make these targets available globally, import them to your commontargets-client.xml file, as shown below:
<!-- importing common targets per output type -->
<import file="commontargets-pdf.xml" optional="true"/>
<import file="commontargets-eclipsehelp.xml" optional="true"/>	
<import file="commontargets-xhtml.xml" optional="true"/>