DITA CMS Ant tasks

IXIASOFT provides custom Ant task extensions that you can use in the Output Generator Ant scripts.

These tasks are defined in the %OutputGenDir%/data/outgen-init.xml file and are listed below in alphabetical order.

Table 1. DITA CMS functional Ant targets
Task Description
branding Allows users to include DITA CMS objects that are outside of the source object's dependencies (image, topic, map, snapshot) when generating the output.
create-ot-build-file Creates the DITA-OT build.xml file based on a template file.
extract-images Extracts a specified image resolution from an image container. It can also transform SVG and MathML images to PNG for Apache FOP.
extract-indexterm Extracts the list of index terms from the Open Toolkit temporary merge files.
resolve-container-keyref Internal IXIASOFT task to resolve the dependencies for the container references in DRM mode. Do not use.
update-ot-build-file Updates the DITA-OT build.xml file to set parameters.
watermark Applies a watermark (from an image file) to every page of a PDF file.