Creates the DITA-OT build.xml file based on a template file.

This task is used by the ot_build_create DITA CMS target.


<create-ot-build-file template="template_filename" buildfile="build_filename">
   <param name="para_name" value="value"/>


Attribute Description Type Required
template Full path and name of the template file used to create the build file. For an example of a template file, see:


String Yes
buildfile Full path and name of the build file that will be created by this task. String Yes
One or more <param> elements List of DITA-OT parameters that will be set in the build file. String Yes


<create-ot-build-file template="${}" buildfile="${}">
   <param name="dita.dir" value="${outgen.ot.dir}"/>
   <param name="dita.temp.dir" value="${outgen.job.ot.temp.dir}"/>
   <param name="args.input" value="${outgen.job.source.filename}"/>
   <param name="output.dir" value="${outgen.job.output.dir}"/>