Reporting Output Generator application errors

When you report errors such as Cannot build output or task or job becomes disabled, provide information such as the reproduction steps, logs and configuration details.

Include the following information in the OTRS ticket:

  • Write down the steps required to reproduce the issue.
  • Describe the expected result.
  • Provide the installed version of the component.
  • Provide the time when the issue occurred.
  • Provide a copy of the wrapper.log as an attachment, which is available in %OutputGenDir%/logs.
  • Provide a copy of the Transformation logs ([job_id].build.html), which are available in the .zip output file created when you generate an output.
  • Run the Output Generator in debug mode, create a .zip file of the specific job folder (for example, Dita2ReviewPdf.jdoe.60.1446666022233) located in the %OutputGenDir%/temp folder, and include it as an attachment.


  • Provide copies of the topics and maps required to reproduce the problem.
  • Create a .zip of the full Output Generator installation.