Reporting Scheduler or Output Generator server crashes

When you report that a component became unresponsive, provide information such as general host machine details, reproduction steps, and copies of the error logs.

Include the following information in the OTRS ticket:

  • Write down the steps required to reproduce the issue, including a clear resolution test if possible.
  • Provide the installed version of the component.
  • Provide the time when the issue occurred.
  • Provide the wrapper.log available in the logs folder in the Output Generator or Scheduler installation directory.
  • Provide details about the machine hosting the component:
    • Available space on disk
    • Available memory
    • Installed Java version, including specifying whether processor is 32-bit or 64-bit
    • Type of system (Windows or Linux), include its specific version
    • (Optional) Machine logs (Event Viewer in Windows, var logs in Linux)
  • (Optional) Provide copies of the topics and maps required to reproduce the problem.