Run the Output Generator in debug mode

You can easily enable the Output Generator to run a transformation scenario in debug mode.

The debug mode is enabled through the outgen-init-debug.xml file. This file works as follows. If the Output Generator finds it when it starts a transformation job, it sets the debugging properties configured in this file. If it doesn't find it, all the debugging properties are disabled by default. Any property set in the outgen-init-debug.xml file will overwrite debugging properties set locally in the transformation scenario.

The debug mode sets the following properties:
  • outgen.job.keep.temp="yes": Keeps the Output Generator temporary job directory (i.e., %OutputGenDir%/temp/<job_id>).
  • outgen.job.keep.topicfo="yes": Returns the file and the images in the zip file.
  • outgen.job.clean.ot.temp="no": Keeps the DITA-OT temporary working directory (i.e., %OutputGenDir%/temp/<job_id>/temp). This property has no effect if the Output Generator job directory is deleted (i.e., if outgen.job.keep.temp="no"), since the DITA-OT temporary working directory is stored in the job directory.
  • outgen.job.clean.outputdir="no": Returns the following DITA-OT files in the zip:
    • Configuration/*
    • Customization/*
    • dita.list

IXIASOFT provides a file, outgen-init-debug.xml.orig, that has these properties enabled by default. To run the Output Generator in debug mode, you simply need to rename this file, as follows:

  1. In the %OutputGenDir%/data directory, rename the outgen-init-debug.xml.orig file to outgen-init-debug.xml.
    The debug mode is enabled. Any job that is run after this modification will use the debug properties described above.
  2. Update any property as required.
  3. To disable the debug mode, rename the outgen-init-debug.xml file to outgen-init-debug.xml.back.