Client components

There are three clients: the DITA CMS Eclipse Client, the WCR Client, and the Web Author Client.

DITA CMS Eclipse Client

The DITA CMS Eclipse Client is a rich client that provides a graphical user interface (GUI) allowing users to access the DITA CMS functionality, which includes:
  • DITA map editing
  • Topic authoring (using XML authoring tools such as XMetaL XMAX and oXygen XML Editor/Author)
  • Advanced search
  • Version control
  • Link management
  • Image management
  • Configuration management
  • Project management
  • Localization management
  • Multi-format publishing
  • PDF-based Collaborative Reviewer (this feature is different from the Web Collaborating Reviewer)
  • Dynamic Release Management (DRM)

This client is a set of plug-ins that run on the Eclipse Framework. Eclipse is a Java-based program available for multiple operating systems (OS).


The WCR Client is a light client used for web collaborative reviews; it allows users to access the reviewing functionality of DITA CMS without having to install Eclipse. This client is based on the Java applet technology and only requires Java and an Internet browser.

DITA CMS Web Author Client

The Web Author Client is a web client that allows content contributors and reviewers to edit and review topics from an Internet browser without having to install the DITA CMS Eclipse Client. It provides some of the DITA CMS Eclipse Client functionality according to user roles and can be used by beginner and advanced DITA users.

This client is based on the Java applet technology and requires Java, an Internet browser, and an oXygen web component license.