Output Generator

The Output Generator executes the transformation process from DITA to the specified output type (PDF, HTML, XML, CHM, etc.).

The Output Generator is a centralized server that ensures that users generate their outputs using the same style sheets. Its multithreaded architecture allows users to generate multiple outputs simultaneously.

The Output Generator works as follows:
  1. It retrieves from the Content Store the DITA objects to be transformed.
  2. It saves the files to a working folder.
  3. It calls all the tasks defined in the conductor file to transform the DITA files.
  4. When the transformation is completed, it zips the generated output and returns it to the DITA CMS Eclipse Client.

Any process can be defined in the conductor file to achieve the final transformation to the selected rendered output. The process can be a DITA Open Toolkit script (provided in the DITA CMS installation) or a custom build script. Also, the rendering engine for PDF can be customized to Antenna House, RenderX, or Apache FOP.