Web Collaborative Reviewer

The Web Collaborative Reviewer (WCR) is a web application that allows reviewers to provide feedback on the DITA CMS content using an Internet browser.

When a user logs in to the WCR, the web client retrieves the document objects (topics, maps, images) assigned to this user. The user can select an object and start the review process. When a user selects an object for review, the WCR Application fetches the PDF file from the Content Store and displays it. The user can then annotate the PDF file and add review marks. If the PDF file is not available, the WCR Application requests a PDF review output from the Output Generator and displays it to the user. When the user has finished to review the object, the PDF is saved back to TEXTML Server with the reviewer's annotations. Multiple reviewers can annotate the same documents at the same time.

The WCR allows users to review content without having to install the DITA CMS Eclipse Client. This is particularly useful for users such as subject-matter experts (SMEs), who do not need the complete functionality of the DITA CMS.

The WCR is a Tomcat application. Tomcat is an application server from the Apache Software Foundation that executes Java servlets and renders Web pages that include Java Server Page coding. Tomcat must be installed before the WCR can be installed and run.