Configure the Java wrapper

Java wrappers are classes that offer utility methods to manipulate application values. The Scheduler's wrapper.conf file is used to identify the Scheduler's Java libraries, maximum Java heap size, and what information will be logged.

To configure the Scheduler's Java wrapper:

  1. Open the wrapper.conf file in the %SchedulerDir%/conf directory.
    Note: If this is the first time that you are modifying the wrapper.conf file, open the wrapper.conf.empty file and save it as wrapper.conf (remove the .empty suffix).
  2. Edit the value so that it points to your Java executable:
    For Windows:
    # Wrapper Properties
    # Java Application\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\java.exe
    For Linux:
    # Wrapper Properties
    # Java Application
  3. Configure the Java heap size:
    # Maximum Java Heap Size (in MB)
    Note: Maximum heap size is the maximum amount of unused dynamic memory the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is allowed to allocate for Scheduler activities. The recommended value is 1024 MB.
  4. Configure at what level Scheduler events will be logged:
    # Log Level for log file output.  (See docs for log levels)
    Note: Possible event levels are (in order of severity): DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR. Events are logged for the indicated level and all levels above it. For example, if you enter WARN as the level, both WARN and ERROR events will be logged.
  5. Configure additional wrapper parameters if desired.
  6. When you are done, save and close the wrapper.conf file.